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Amid general USD weakness with the current risk-on tone, the Euro eventually broke out of its multi-month range. As long as it holds above 1.1 tomorrow, the month-end close will be strong and should open up room for another squeeze higher. 1.115 is the next key area.

EURUSD at resistance zones

While AUD & NZD were up v's USD, they notably lagged v's the Euro & Sterling. CAD was slightly down v's USD. If this pattern continues, it shows a slight risk-off tilt.

Copper, though down early in the day, rallied and is currently at the highs, with bond yields also holding up and oil at the highs as well. Risk happens slowly and then all at once, of course, but so far this market is only seeing the positives ahead.

Month End

0050 : JPY Business Climate (May)

0700: EUR Retail Sales

0900 : EUR GDP

1000 : EUR CPI

1330: USD Personal Expenditure

1330 : CAD GDP

1445 : USD Chicago PMI

1500 : USD Michigan Consumer Sentiment

1600 : USD Fed Powell Speaks

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