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From A Team Member

Hi Guys, I wanted to share a trade with the team. I went short GBPUSD @1.247 on 30/04/2020. Original stop was at 1.267 above the second high. Fundamentals were in favour of strong USD. Trade went in my favour and moved my stop to 1.253 (above major resistance) once the H4 candle closed below major support (1.240). Stocks fell and more risk off and dollar continued to strengthen. Once price went below 1.230 and H4 candle closed, stop was moved to 1.246 to cover costs. Price went below 1.226 and candle closed. I moved my stop to 1.239. Price then went below 1.216 and top moved to 1.226. Price went below 1.216 and there seems to be a change on risk so moved stop to 1.217. Locked a total of 303 pips on one trade.I want to thank the Intex team for providing a structure and understanding. This helped me to achieve my first ever 300+ pips on a single trade.

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