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Intex Tomorrow 22/05/2020


Trump started the selloff overnight with some tweets criticising China & the response from China's Global times saying that China will 'defend its interests,' got US traders nervous enough for equities to test earlier lows.

There was some clear weakness across the board, with Silver & Copper unable to get above yesterday's prices.

USD, though up, wasn't a huge mover and so overall the FX space was subdued. European PMI's were terrible - as expected - and the Euro hardly flinched. The promise of the French & German 'solution' is holding the Euro up, for now.

US Initial jobless claims were slightly worse than expected and noticeably continuing claims were still high, showing that while most of the US may be re-opening in some way, the jobs are not necessarily all coming back.

US Jobless Claims


UNSCHEDULED : JPY BoJ Monetary Policy Statement

UNSCHEDULED : JPY BoJ Press Conference

1230 : EUR ECB Monetary Policy Minutes

1330 : CAD Retail Sales

1530 : EUR ECB's Lane Speech

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