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Welcome to Macrobriefing and the world of MBTrading, a proprietary trading firm that is designed to take the fear out of trading and help traders succeed. In this introduction, we will explore the features of the MBTrading prop firm and how it can help traders avoid the four horsemen of the trading apocalypse: no trading plan, wrong position sizing, lack of risk control, and overtrading.

One of the biggest challenges for traders is staying disciplined and following a trading strategy, and this is where MBTrading can help. By offering unlimited evaluation attempts, with no time limits and no minimum trading days, we provide a supportive environment for traders to hone their skills and develop their strategies without fear of failure.

We understand that many traders struggle with self-discipline and can fall prey to revenge trading or strategy hopping. This is why we recommend keeping the trade size small and waiting patiently for the right trade setup to appear. We also encourage diversification in trading and investing and provide traders with the opportunity to trade multiple assets.

At MBTrading, we do not allow scalping as we believe it is not a viable strategy for most traders. Instead, we encourage trend following and provide traders with the flexibility to trade through news and overnight. However, we do not penalize traders for taking their time to complete the evaluation process, which requires patience and discipline.

Our business model is not based on collecting fees to pay for winning traders. Instead, when it becomes mathematically impossible for a trader to lose more than their fee, we return the fee to the trader. This ensures that our interests are aligned with our traders' success.

In summary, MBTrading is a proprietary trading firm that provides a supportive environment for traders to develop their skills and strategies. We believe that by removing the fear of failure and promoting discipline and patience, traders can succeed in the competitive world of trading.


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